10 Little-Known Tips to Make Your Bachelorette Party Unforgettable

A bachelorette party is no small thing. For the bride, it’s a way to celebrate moving on to an entirely new phase as they put the single life behind them. For you, the maid of honor, the party is something entirely different: A challenge. Think about it. You’ve got bridesmaids and relatives to herd. You’ve got venues to book, cakes to plan, props to buy—and on top of that, you want to make an impression that leaves everyone feeling happy. How do you do it? By sticking to these 10 little-known tips to make the bachelorette party go off without a hitch:

1. Buy Some Unique Ice Molds

Admit it: you’re going to serve drinks. And many good cocktails require ice in some form or another. This is a perfect opportunity to sneak in a little fun: buy some party-specific ice molds (even of the risqué variety) and use those instead of ice cubes. After all, you’re going to need to provide ice anyway—unless you’re simply bar-hopping. This way you can squeeze a little more fun out of what is an otherwise-routine party responsibility.

2. Do Something the Bride Loves

Maybe this one isn’t quite so “little-known,” but it is essential. If the bride loves wine, take a trip to a vineyard. If they love boating, charter a boat or even take the party out on a booze cruise! There’s really no limit to how you can incorporate the interests of the bride—but you will want to do so to make the bride feel extra-special. If you can’t book the right venue, you can incorporate little details from the bride’s life into the party in the form of party masks, party favors, and the like. The key? Don’t forget to ignore the bride’s wants and wishes.

3. Communicate from One Place—and One Place Only

Anyone who’s ever planned a bachelorette party before knows that the most frequent problem is also the simplest: communication. Multiple text threads. Some people emailing. Some people contacting you via social media. It seems like there’s no end to the messages—or the myriad ways in which attendees try to contact you. To keep it simple, try creating one source for RSVP’s and other communication. For example, you might create a temporary Facebook group to include the party—and post your number there for RSVP’s. That’s it. No additional emails or phone numbers required. The more complicated you make it, the more complicated it will be.

4. Book ASAP

If you’re in charge with booking a venue, you need to research venues. Not later. Not in two months. Now. Why? Because you can miss out on venues as they book up throughout the wedding season. Don’t wait until you have a certain amount of RSVPs before you book a venue or limousine services. Take a “build it and they will come” approach. As long as you know what date is open for most people, you can start building and booking the party right now. The longer you wait, the harder it will get. 5. Specialty Cocktails A bachelorette party is more than another night out on the town, so you should have more to drink than the usual “night on the town” fare. Specialty cocktails are the best way to make this happen. Whether you’re making margaritas, cosmos, or anything in between, try to come up with an easy way to serve a special drink. Don’t be afraid to go all out, either—guests will appreciate the opportunity to cut loose.

6. Decorate Your Venue

Whether you’re starting off at someone’s house or renting out a venue, arrive early to make sure there are a few party decorations in place. These decorations are a sure way to get people in the mood to relax and enjoy themselves—while making the experience unforgettable for the bride. You don’t have to rent the party store, either. Even just a few decorations like balloons decoration can have a great effect on most venues. The key here is having the decorations ready to go—and remembering to arrive early.

7. Buy a Custom Dress or Shirt

Think of this as “party decoration” on another level. A custom dress or a shirt to commemorate the party not only allows guests to have some fun, but will make for great photo opportunities. You’ll see “MRS.” Shirts with the specific date of the wedding, for example. Going out later and don’t want to wear shirts? Then you can experiment with other custom items—dresses, hats—and don’t forget the tiara.

8. The Special Chair

When the bride arrives, she should have a special place to sit—just another spot at the table won’t do. Go all-out by decorating one of the chairs and putting it out where everyone can see it. Some people even go so far as to decorate the chair with its own bridal dress. Your special chair doesn’t have to incorporate these elements, but you should seek out a way to make the bachelorette feel special. This is, after all, their day.

9. Silly Props

You can special-order some expensive cookies and cakes in the traditional bachelorette party shapes of…well, you know what. But you can have just as much fun with cheap props and save the expensive cake for something you’d be proud to photograph. Silly props can include anything from “Ring-Pops”—remember those?—to the more risque. Simply find a discount party outlet with these items and you’ll have no problem stuffing your party with all sorts of trinkets to keep people occupied.

10. Don’t Forget to Pack Some Flats

This might be the most little-known tip on the list…but it might also be the most valuable. You’ve been to a bachelorette party before. You know just how much time can be spent moving from one pub to the other—and it’s all spent walking. Even if you don’t have ambitious plans like that, simply moving from one venue to another will require a lot of walking. And it’s usually in high-heels. Pack some cheap “flat” alternatives for the party-goers to use when their feet get sore. This isn’t just a way to keep people comfortable, but it’s a way to be the thoughtful maid of honor you know yourself to be. After all, not all of you read 10 tips on making a bachelorette party unforgettable. But if you’ve stuck this one out to the end, good job. There’s a lucky bride out there who’s going to have an amazing bachelorette party.