10 Simple Balloon Decorations at home for Birthday

Balloons are the simplest, cheapest and yet one the most beautiful things that you can use to decorate your birthday parties, events and even big occasions like marriage receptions. With the right colors and sizes, these can add fun to any party creating attractive and beautiful to look at decorations.

Below are 10 Simple balloon decorations that you can do at home for birthday:

1. Balloon Wall: Gather balloons of different sizes and matching color pallets and then just arrange them together at different heights on a wall or combination of stands to create the effect of a wall made with balloons.

2. Balloon Chandelier: Hanging light colored balloons in combination with matching colored ribbons on your ceiling can turn your daily room to heaven. You can even fill up the balloons with helium so that they float on their own touching the ceiling while their string hang loose creating a mesmerizing view for your guests.

3. Balloon Garland: You can attach balloons to a hard wire creating a garland to keep behind the dining table or making a balloon fairy arch.

4. Pom-Poms + Balloons: When matched correctly, pom-poms add contrast to the balloons and in a pair, they can add magic to your birthday decorations.

5. Balloon Backdrop: Cover the entire wall with balloons of different colors to create the perfect a backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of.

6. Slash painted Balloons: After inflating the balloons, give them a splash of gold paint. This is a very simple yet innovative touch that you can give to the balloons before setting them up for decoration.

7. Balloon Ice Cream Cones: As weird as Balloon Ice cream Cones sound, I can bet they won’t look weird at all to your guests. In fact, you should prepare yourself for some appreciation for this ingenious balloon decoration hack. Just use paper cone under the balloons and create delicious looking balloon ice cream cones for your guests.

8. Balloon Wreath: You don’t even need to inflate the balloons for this simple Balloon decoration. Take a hard wire and shape in a fairly sized circle then wrap it all the way around with un-inflated balloons, creating a balloon wreath to hang on your door.

9. Donut Balloons: Balloons surely come is various unique shapes and sizes and one of them is donut shaped. These balloons, when inflated turn into the shape of a donut and will surely catch the eyes of your guests.

10. Lettered Balloons: These are Balloons made up of aluminum foil which makes them reusable for years to come offering much more value than the regular balloons.