10 Stunning Balloon Decoration Ideas for Weddings

Think back to some of your unforgettable events! And tell us, what did all of these most likely have in common when it came to decor? That’s right!  


If you’re looking to raise the fun element or make your event chic and classy, balloons can be used in a number of ways on your wedding day.

1. Ceremony Decor

While some of you may not connect balloons with exchanging wedding vows, you can add this simple touch of quaint and fun while still keeping it classy and chic. Pick only one color – either a color from your wedding palette or white or ivory balloons. Take a moment and imagine walking down an aisle lined with giant white balloons – pretty amazing, right?

2. Give one to your Flower girl and/or Ring Bearer

You must agree that it wouldn’t get much prettier than your flower girl and/or ring bearer holding a single balloon. Write “Here Comes the Bride” on the balloon.

3. Send-off Favors

You must be tired of the typical rose petals that guests usually throw when the newlyweds walk out of the ceremony? This time “Hand out” balloons instead!

4. Photo Props

Display your wedding color palette with coordinating colored balloons for your bridal party. Use special balloons specifically for the bride and groom. You can go for the ones that say Mr. and Mrs. or balloons. These balloons coordinate with wedding decor.

5. Photo Booth Backdrop

You must be a fan of a photo booth, and it’s easy to create your own. Accumulate inspiration from this get-together that simply taped balloons all over a wall. An effortless and cost-effective reception idea!

6. Highlight Significant Sentiments

Consider letter or number-shaped balloons to roar special sentiments at your ceremony and/or reception – Create your new last name, the word Love, or your wedding date.

7. Escort Cards

Tie guests escort card to the bottom of a balloon. Not only they will have fun finding their personal balloon, but they also will create reception decor by guests tying it either to the back of their chair or letting it hang in the air above the table.

8. Reception Table Numbers

Giant numbered balloons are sure to make an impression when guests walk into the reception to find their table. This is an easy way to incorporate your photographs and provide a table number above each table for guests to easily find.

9. Cake Topper

A single balloon or a bunch will create a different touch to your wedding cake, and it also will draw a lot of eyes to it while it’s on display at the reception. If you don’t want real balloons on your cake? You can use miniature balloon toppers.

10. Getaway Car Decorations

Balloons will make for an unforgettable getaway for the bride and groom. Whether you opt one color or a variety of colors, balloons will send the newlyweds off in an amazing way to their next destination.