10 Ways to Decorate a Table with Balloons

Balloons create a cheerful and exuberant ambiance. Balloons give the vibe of celebrations. The bundle of ebullient balloons produces a festive and fun atmosphere instantly. Using balloons in different ways can take your celebration to another level. Besides its inexpensive behavior, it is unimaginably multi-skilled. Balloons can be used in various ways. Balloons come in several colors and the best thing is that you can simply coordinate with any party color palette.

Be a little creative with the balloons. You will surely create an amazing creation with the balloons. We have shortlisted some of the best and unique ways of decorating the table with the balloon centerpiece. Take inspiration from these decoration ideas and rock your next party by incorporating one of these ideas. With the ideas, we have also shared the DIY of the ideas.

A beautiful horizontal long balloon Garland: First of all stagger the bigger and smaller balloons for a uniform bunch. Before creating it, just make sure that guests can see over the top for the conversation. Use the colors which can beautifully complement the table scape and place setting.

Adorn the table with the Balloon Chandelier: Pick different colors of balloons and tie them up in the form of a chandelier and decorate the table. Spread some of the balloons on the floor. Such a unique idea to incorporate in the party.

Ice-cream Balloon sticks decor: Cut the paper in a semi-circle shape and twist to the bottom to give a cone shape. Attach the bottom edge with the glue and staple the top. Leave a hole at the bottom of the cone. Now take a strip of crepe paper and cut it into fringes and attach it to the side of the cone with the glue. Put a stick from the top to hold the cone. Now inflate a mini balloon and attach it at the top. You can cut strips of card stock and glue them to the tops of the balloon.

Strawberry Balloon Centerpiece: Inflate red or pink balloons and draw some seeds using a permanent marker. Use a green crepe paper to make strawberry leaves. Use a glue stick to attach the leaves to the top of the balloons.

Exotic Balloon Centerpiece: Pick some lemon shade balloon and inflate them one by one. Tie them up and create a centerpiece for the table. Use some fresh green leaves to give an exotic look to the centerpiece.

Unique balloon tassels as the table centerpieces: Inflate the balloons and tie them with the thread. Create some tassels of different colors and attach these tassels on the thread. Cover the thread with these tassels.

Confetti balloons as centerpieces: Take some transparent balloons and put some confetti into the balloon. You use colorful confetti or can go for a color party palette. You can use these balloons as table centerpieces.

Hot air balloons party theme: For this, you need some small hot air balloons and a fruit basket. Attach these balloons with the fruit basket and adorn the table.

Adorn the table with balloon Bouquets: Ditch the regular flower bouquet and add some drama in the party with the balloon bouquet. Put the balloon bouquets in the gorgeous vases to create an amazing table centerpiece.

Embellish the balloon with the palm leaves: Inflate the balloons and create palm leaves with the decoupage. Use glue to stick the paper cut-outs on the balloon. Incorporate these balloons as table centerpieces.

These ideas and easy, elegant and unique. Your party is going to rock with these ideas. Your guest will definitely get awestruck with the party decoration. These table centerpiece decoration ideas are one of a kind. Incorporate one of these ideas in your party and send us the photographs. Tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.