15 Adorable Christmas Balloon Decor Ideas

Do you like balloons? Oh Gosh! What am I asking?

Of course, you do!

Everyone does like balloons and this festive season we all are dreaming of a white Christmas, red Santa and colorful paper wrapped gifts.

If you are also planning to host a party or have actually hosting one and wondering what different I can do with the decorations then you stop worrying, cause’ you’ve landed at the right place and we’ve got you covered. This Christmas glam up your favorite festival with your favorite decor thing. BALLOONS…

I know I know! we use balloons are used on occasions like birthdays, but why not balloons on Christmas this time. Besides the traditional and usual Christmas trees and ornaments, these balloons decor ideas can give a totally new look to your home.

Below I’ve listed 15 amazing Christmas balloon decor ideas that you can’t afford to miss this Christmas.

1. Holly Balloon Sticks: Simple yet adorable, Holly Balloon Sticks need nothing but leaf templates, red mini balloons a stick and few minutes out of your time and you’re there with your holly sticks.

2. Santa Balloon Arch: One of the coolest ideas that you may use to decorate the entrance of your party venue. What does it need? A pair of balloon column stands, red white and peach balloons and command hooks. That’s it you’re done with your arch but not an ordinary one its Santa Balloon arch.

3. Candy Cane Balloon Arch: Didn’t like the Santa balloon arch? No issues not everyone has the same taste as me. Try another one , candy cane one. Of course it is not as easy to make as the santa one but the grace candy cane arch has got is really mesmerizing. All that you need is a single balloon column stand and lots and lots and lots of balloons and a bit of patience as well.

4. Christmas Tree Balloon Stand: Don’t like the traditional and usual Christmas tree? Don’t worry! I’ve got the solution for this one as well. Try a balloon Christmas tree and all that you need to have is green and white balloons and a balloon column stand.

5. Balloon Snowflakes: This snowflakes decoration makes your guests drop their jaw when they see it. And it is one of the easisiet and bestest decoration to have for Christmas party.

6. Santa Claus Balloon Stand: Create a wonderful father Christmas, ideal for your party for decoration and as a selfie point as well. It is very easy to make it up if you do it the right way, it’s just a piece of cake.

7. Balloon Snow man: One of the easiest and budget-friendly decoration you should have this Christmas in your party is a Snowman Made up of balloons. Put a hat on its hand and a muffler around its neck and there you go with your balloon snowman.

Apart from these main decor ideas you can also pick up any of the below listed ideas:

8. Beautiful green balloon wreath with red bow

9. Light Balloon Garland

10. Dashing Christmas light balloons in red, green and white.

11. Balloon Santa with Column Balloons as Gifts

12. Balloon Reindeer

13. Little Balloon Santa for kids

14. Colorful Balloon advent calendar

15. Twisted Balloon Wreath with Jingle Bell

That’s all!

I hope you liked these ideas and I’m pretty sure you’ll be picking one of these for your Christmas decoration this time.

Decorate well! Celebrate well!