15 Best Balloon Party Decoration Ideas

I love balloons as kids love toys. To me, they are beautiful and add a tinge of excitement to the party. Be it adorable balloon arches or whimsical balloon animals. These 15 balloon parties ideas are the best and can be used to make your party indelible.

1. Unicorn Balloon Decoration: Let’s get this party started with this whimsical unicorn balloon decoration for my little sister’s birthday party. Everyone knows my obsession with these balloons. I find this design is really beautiful and exciting. I just want to hang it above my sister’s bed and adore them every day.

2. Tropical Balloon Garland: This extensive garland in peach, pink and white along with multi-size balloons, has a tropical vibe. This decoration is apt for a baby shower or birthday party. Have you noticed the little Flamingos? What a sweet touch!

3. Love Balloons: This setting gives me the feeling of “Love is in the air”. This display would make a perfect decoration for your bridal shower! Go for gorgeous flower arrangements, Mylar balloons and a fireplace filled with whimsy. Your bride to be gonna love it.

4. DIY Cactus Balloons: I just adore the details of each cacti. The smart color variations of green is simply amazing. It was also so cool how they were larger than life.

5. Paper Animal Balloons: These funny farm animals are apt for the kids birthday parties. I love this idea of having these balloons created by the kids at the party and taken home as favors. Such a fun activity for the kids!

6. Balloon Ceiling DIY: When nothing goes right, go for the ceiling. Balloon ceiling does the trick. Filled the whole room with the balloons of different colors. It set a happy mood. If you have a dull room to decorate for a memorable event this DIY could help you.

Baby showers, kids birthdays, sorority parties and socials of any kind are apt for this decoration.

7. Floral Balloon Arch: Does anyone fall for the tropical flower?

I am falling for the jewel tones with the tropical flowers. For me, this decorative balloon arch is so super gorgeous. This decoration is one of my favorites.

8. Sprinkle Donut Balloon Party DIY: Don’t you agree donuts make the cutest party decorations?

This birthday I will through a donut party. Ans this DIY inflatable is on the must-do list. Also, I will have a wall with fresh donuts, donut invitations and I will make these Sprinkles Donut Marshmallow with hot chocolate.

9. Balloon Art Emoji: This balloon art emoji decoration is the newest and the freshest idea nowadays. Amazing work is done with the inflatables. So how many of you have inserted this decoration in your bucket list.

10. Heart Balloon Backdrop: Hear Balloon Backdrop will take your heart away. It’s my promise. They do these inflatables justice for every occasion. This huge heart backdrop is gorgeous!

Go for it and show your love to your bae.

11. Fruit Balloon DIY: Adoring this decoration, I can only say that “Anything fun made into fruits wins the day”. If you’ll ask my favorite thing about this DIY balloon, I would say strawberries and pineapples. All you need is a little tissue paper, colorful balloons, and a sharpie.

12. Gold Brushed Balloon: Use gold enamel and a chip brush to get this decoration. Since I have gold at every single. I think I should just stock up on these supplies. I’ll be ready to accomplish this DIY at any moments notice.

13. Blue Balloon Wall Bridal Shower: This vintage chest makes this the most awesome bridal shower set up. The soft peach and blue jewel tones are fascinating. However, this balloon wall can be done in any color scheme.

14. Giant Balloon Wreath: None Friends giving dinner party is complete without this wreath of balloons in wine tones. I can only visualize this night of friendship was filled with laughter and joy. How could it not have been with this beautiful balloon decor?

15. Balloon Photo Backdrop: This fun DIY balloon backdrop urges that you should have a party and have some fun. All you need is bright colors, fun people, and a camera.