5 Awesome Wedding Balloon Decoration Ideas

I always dream of a simple wedding and when that was about to arrive, my mind was just not in any state to plan the wedding in a simple yet beautiful way. This might be the case because all the marriages that I attended in my life were all flashy to the core. After spending most of the planning time thinking about the decorations, I finally gave up and then one fine day I went to a Birthday Party which made me realize that Balloon decoration was the answer to all my worries. I understand, to some, wedding balloons and Balloon decoration may sound childish but when done right, you could have the wedding of your dreams.

From wall decorations to table accessories, balloon decoration is a fun way to add some fun to the day you have been waiting forever since, without losing elegance and keeping things simple. To make things easier for you, I will help you with 5 different yet awesome idea for Wedding Balloon Decorations.

Alter Framing

Decorating your Wedding Alter with wedding balloons will give you a heavenly feeling when you stand there with your future partner in your lovely wedding dress. To make things whimsical, use only uni-colored balloons, typically white or pink. Since all the eyes will be on you and your partner, you do not want the balloons to distract or hinder the guests from the lovely pair standing on the Alter. Fill up the balloons with helium and cover the strings with some flower bushes and ivy to tidy things up.

Reception Decoration

Give your indoor receptions some outdoor scenery, using Balloon Decoration. One of the ways to decorate your reception hall with balloons is by hanging them from the ceiling using glue, tulle or strings. When done right, this emulates a view of clouds, with some greenery element added to it. For this, you can again use some flower bushes and ivy hanging along the balloons.


If you are willing to pay a little more for some particular type of balloons, then Balloon letters should be your best bet. These balloons come in different colors and shapes of all the letters, which can be used to decorate dessert tables, walls of your reception hall and dance floors as well. I bet all your guests will go crazy taking pictures in front of these and give you add fun to your wedding album. These balloons are thicker and other general decoration balloons and will last for months, making them reusable.

Dining Table Festoon

Make a chain or garland of Balloons, using a hard wire or a rope, long enough to cover the length of the dining table. Wrap the rope with ribbon and join them to the rope using strings. Again, do not go flashy with colors of the decoration balloons, and stick to uni-colored balloons, like white or pink, and give your guests a fastidious table to dine on. I am sure you get all the applause for this ingenious decoration idea.

Photo Shoot Stands

If you have got some extra space in your reception hall then use that space to make some photo shoot stalls, where you or your guests and head over to and make your wedding album even prettier. And yes, you guessed it right, decorate this stalls with some balloons. Create a Balloon Arch or use the hacks from above ideas, or create a scenery of your own, go crazy with the Balloon decoration and get the most off your wedding shoots.

What are you waiting for??
Go and use these ideas to make your event a memorable one.