DIY Balloon Chandelier

Balloon is one of the most inexpensive decor item and moreover it is loved by everyone. Balloons are not just for birthdays or parties, we can use it for many entertaining purposes. We can make very unique and beautiful centerpiece. To make you party’s decoration more attractive and eye catchy, we come up with an DIY for Balloon Chandelier. So if you’ve got an occasions or want to do something interesting try this easy DIY of Balloon Chandelier.

It is colorful hanging balloon centerpiece for our small celebration. And as making it is so easy that you don’t need to have much time. You can easily maintain it with your party to do list. Preparing something by our own is a bit extra special, it will amaze your guests with this pleasant surprise.

For this DIY you don’t need to hassle for the material. All you need to have is a ring (like a hairband; we have used bridal headband). You can use any type of ring which can hold the balloons and have light color.

Then you need a fiesta leis, thread and of course some colorful balloons.

1. When you collect all these material we are ready to make our chandelier. Very firstly you need to tie the thread 2 equal pieces of twine to the hoop so that i can hang it.

2.Now take the fiesta lies and wrap it over the ring in a manner that the ring won’t be visible.

3.Now the best part came, Blow the balloons :). For this chandelier you can use balloons of your own choice whichever color you like. So inflate the balloons and secure their ends with the thread.

4.Once you are done with this now hang the balloon all around the ring. Place them in a manner that the balloons are evenly placed. And you are done.

A beautiful colorful chandelier is ready within minutes. Don’t forget to try this.