DIY Balloon Decoration for Halloween Party

Halloween decor needs something different. It can not be completed without the crazy balloon decor. Balloons are the universal item of decoration, it is inexpensive and can be used in many creative manner. You can use variety of stickers or drawings on balloon to create your own balloon decoration.

We always care about the Halloween party outfit but what about the decoration of the party? Today we are here with simple DIY of Halloween party that can add bounce to your decoration. You can add so many things like candy canes, hats button etc to give extra effect to your decoration.

Moreover these ideas are mostly easy on pocket. You don’t need to spend more money for these DIY. Now balloon decoration for Halloween is in latest trend, and it’s better to prepare before it’s too late. The DIY are specially designed with LED to glow in dark and give the party feel. So without wasting our time let’s start:

1. Black and Orange Balloon Arch

Undoubtedly balloon arch is common, but you can customize it according to you, to give it a Halloween party look use black and orange color balloon with Bat stickers. It is simple and easy.

2. Balloon Ghost and Monster Faces

Yes, you can turn a simple balloon to ghost face. For that you need to have good quality of balloon and for your convenience here is the link link party zealot product page where you will get quality balloons in affordable price.

3. Halloween Special Spidery Decor

It is super easy, you only need a black color balloon with black paper ribbon for it’s legs.

4. Balloon Pumpkin

One of the most important and easy decor. Blow orange color balloon in round shape and draw monster faces with the help of permanent marker. Cheap and eye catchy decor.

5. Funny and Cute Halloween Balloon stand

Using orange and black balloon make a balloon stand and to give it funny and cute effect attach a white balloon monster to it.

6. Skull Halloween Balloon Decor

For this one should be clear about the design and should have some practice so that you don’t waste much time on it.

7. Spooky Halloween Decoration

Using tube shape balloon, you can customize it in various shape, it looks difficult but once you will start it will be fun to make.

8. White Orange Halloween Party Balloon

Inflate bunch of white and orange color balloon and make scary faces on it. These balloons can be used for various purposes and even if children are also invited in party you can gift one balloon to each child.

9. Wonderful Frankenstein Monster

Using black and green color balloon make a balloon stand and to give it a monster look, use monster shape silicon balloon on its top.

10. Spider Themed Balloon Decoration for Halloween

Using tube shape white balloon make a spider web on the corner and a giant spider using. It is unique and innovative idea for party decoration.

There are so many things that one can do with balloon decoration, for the balloons used in these DIY you can check our product page and order online.