DIY Balloon Decorations Ideas For Your Party Celebration

Parties are incomplete without the use of balloons. Using balloons in different style jazz up the party. We are sharing some of the beautiful yet simple DIY Balloon decoration ideas which you can incorporate in your party.

Balloon Photo Frame: Choose two different colors of balloons. Inflate them in big and small sizes. Create a frame with sticks or iron rods as shown in the image. After creating the frame, attach the balloons one after the other with the help of sticky dots. And you are done with the balloon decoration. DIY this decoration at your party and let your guest be awestruck with the decoration.

Balloon Foam Volcano at the Entryway: Decorate your entryway with this decoration. You need some glossy color balloon and champagne metallic balloon. Inflate the balloons one by one. You only need a golden colored metallic balloon. After inflating the balloons, start attaching balloons at the top of the bottle. Attach the balloons one by one and create a champagne foam volcano. Such a great idea to decorate the entryway.

Green Leaves and Balloon: Want some exotic look for the party?

We have a terrific idea which is very easy to install in your party. You need the color yellow balloons and some fresh green leaves. Use fresh ones instead of using artificial green leaves. Inflate the balloons. Attach leaves on the walls and then place balloons on the leaves using sticky dots. You can take an idea from the image.

Go Artistic:Bring out the inner artistic image and create something which makes your guest surprised. For this, you need copper color balloons, silver color balloons, black color balloons, transparent balloons, and some confetti. Inflate the transparent balloon and place small size black color in it along with some confetti. Inflate silver and copper color balloons. Put some confetti in these balloons. Use your creativity and create something unique using these balloons.

Create invitation card as Photo Booth:Every party needs a photography area. After all, you need to click beautiful pictures and share them on Facebook and Instagram. You can include different elements to make it beautiful and attractive. You can use a large invitation card and decorate it with colored balloons. You can also use other elements like flowers, your birth year, etc.

Wall Balloon wreath:Choose different colors of balloons. Make a wreath and cover it with an aluminum foil. After inflating the balloons, use sticky dots and attach the balloons on the wreath. Attach balloons one by one and create balloon wreath. Put the birthday number in the center of the wreath. After creating the balloon wreath, attach it on a wall or a door.

Balloon game on point: This is simple yet a creative idea for a party decoration. You can use it for an anniversary party or a birthday party. For this, you need a transparent color balloon and a number of printed balloons. Inflate the printed balloon and place it in the transparent balloon. And you are done. Such a simple and unique idea for the party decoration.

Minimal decorated Balloon wreath: This is such a beautiful idea to incorporate in your party decoration. All you need a circular ring, flowers and leaves, and balloons. Take the circular ring and decorate it with a colored paper. Inflate the balloons and attach them using sticky dots. Decorate the balloon using some flowers and green leaves.

Beautiful Balloon Arch:You can nail this idea at home. You need some transparent balloons and white color balloons. You can create something extraordinary using these balloons. Create a beautiful arch and attach these balloon in combination. You can also put some confetti in the transparent balloons.

Balloons in the Garden: Hosting the party in the garden? Well, we have a great idea for your garden area. Pick some balloons of different color and inflate them. Take an idea from the given image and decorate your garden in a more natural way.

Read the ideas and tell which one is your favorite. We’d love to hear from you.