DIY: How to Make a Festive Fall Balloon Arch

I am noticing that the latest trend in party decor is creating balloon arches. I think they’re fun, festive, and gives plush look to the whole party.

Celebrations scream for balloons and is a stylish way to integrate them in the party decor! A balloon arch can take your party over the top and surprise your guests!

But how exactly do you create one?

First and foremost, You need the following material:

  • Balloon inflating pump

  • Large and small balloons (color of your choice)

  • Fishing Wire

  • Flowers of your choice

  • Command Hooks

  • Steep stool

How to create a Balloon arch?

1. Start blowing the balloon with the help of a balloon inflating pump.

2. Pick two balloons and tie there ends together in a double knot and repeat this step with other balloons.

3. Pick two balloons pair and tie a knot so that they overlap each other.

4. Curl the two balloon pairs 3-5 times in any of the direction, until they bound together in a cluster of 4.

5. Now make another pair to make a cluster of 8 balloons.

6. Take the fishing wire and wind it around the center of the cluster of the balloon. Finish just this one by tying a knot around the center of the cluster so the end of the balloon arch stays secure.

7. To make one more cluster repeat the steps 1-4.

8. Keep the balloon cluster as close as possible to add another cluster to the arch. Nest the cluster in such a way that there will be no gap in the arch.

9. With the help of fishing line, Wind the second cluster in any of the direction around the center about 5 times, until it is secure.

10. Repeat 8 and 9 steps until you’ve arrived your desired length.

What are you waiting for??

Hurry!! and try the DIY Project of Balloon Arch and make your party “talk of the town” with the stunning balloon arch.