DIY Rainbow Balloon Arch Backdrop

Rainbow, while we listen this word lots of colors come to our mind in a beautiful pattern. Why don’t we make this beautiful pattern as party backdrop. It will be fantastic for kids birthday party. This rainbow balloon arch backdrop is super easy to make and you don’t need to have so much of material to make it.

If you have some friends to help you and a inflater, it will be very easy and can be done in really fast. You should install it on the same day of party or you can make it one day before at max.

So let’s start with the material needed: Number of balloon may vary on the size of backdrop, Here we have use 11’’ balloons (white and diamond clear), few mini balloons (white and diamond clear), 260Q latex balloons these are the long balloons usually used for balloon twisting (in neon pink, coral, red, mandarin orange, yellow, wintergreen, green, tropical teal, caribbean blue, periwinkle, and lilac–), scissors, balloon inflator, clear tape.

Let’s Start:

Step 1: Well very simple, inflate balloons!! Start by inflating 260 balloons in each color, we made each row of color two balloons wide.

Step 2: Let’s start with innermost color that is lilac and tape them in the partial arch. To keep the balloon in right shape use clear on balloons ends and in the middle. Make sure the balloons are well parallel to the wall with two rows of each color.

Step 3: Repeat the process with each color. Make sure there is no space in between the lines. Keep the arch at least one foot off the floor.

Step 4: Once you are done with the rainbow, now you need to blow up the mini balloons in various sizes. Start with the big balloons and tape them in 12’’ space between rainbow and floor so that a cloud could be form.

Step 5: Now it’s time for the final touch. Fill up the gaps if there is any and make the cloud fluffy and with clear effect!

It’s done, making it with your friends or partner could be a great fun. The colors of this backdrop makes your feel good and happy. You can also click photographs in front of it and have a beautiful rainbow balloon arch. If you want to buy the products used here, check out our product page and buy in just one click!