How To Create a DIY Balloon Garland

Balloon garland is very trendy these days, they are beautiful and gorgeous. Easy and affordable to create. Most of the DIY on internet often seems difficult and daunting. But today we are here with simple and easiest way to create white balloon garland. You use any color of balloon and it it can as large and as small you want. Today here we are going to make white balloon garland with medium size balloon.

Let’s start:

Step 1: Inflate Balloon; You can either blow them yourself or by balloon inflator.

Also take thin rope, cut and tie twin to the length you want the balloon garland to be. Leave at least one foot extra. We are going to attach the balloon to this rope. Make sure it is off the ground so that we can easily attach the balloon to it. You can even choose door hooks, or chair hooks as shown.

Step 2: To make the garland attach three balloon by tying them together. You can tie them together by using knot, it will stay on.

Step 3: Now once you done with this, we are ready to attach these balloons to the Long piece of twins we had attached with the chair. Tie each one with a double knot and then slide them to one in the front.

Step 4: To make it look more vibrant you can alternate balloon sizes and color. You don’t need to follow the same pattern and same color balloon. You can add more balloon, just need to slide them together tightly. Keep adding balloons until it full and balanced.

Step 5: Hang the garland on your desired place. To hang the garland you can use nails or plastic hooks. Once you hang the garland, arrange the balloons in proper shape.

Step 6: To beautify it more, you can use flowers and leaves, it will give it natural touch. It can be the highlight of the function. To get the balloons and other products don’t forget to explore our product page.

At Party zealot we have number of amazing balloon decoration ideas. We love to do creative things with balloons if you like these ideas please let us know.