How to Create DIY Unicorn Balloon Column Stand

Doing creative things makes our mind fresh. So why don’t amaze your guest with your DIY decoration piece. Today we are here with unicorn balloon column stand.

Let’s start with the material we need:

  • Balloons (Rainbow colors)

  • Inflator

  • Quad Clips

  • Helium balloon secure clip

  • Clear tubes, connectors and round clear base

  • Clear Tape or Clear dots

  • Helium Balloon in unicorn shape

Step 1: First we need to make rainbow stand, Join the clear tubes with help of connectors. For one stand 4 tubes will be needed.

Step 2: Attach the round plastic base to the tubes on its bottom.

(Tip: to make it more stable you can add sand or water to the round plastic base)

Balloon Column stand is ready, Now its decoration process has been given as follow:

Step 3: For making a beautiful rainbow unicorn balloon column stand, we are going to make layers of colorful balloons in the stand. For the bottom layer inflate four white balloons of same size (about 10 cm diameter).

Step 4: After inflating the balloons, simply attach the balloons with the balloon quad clip. You will get a white balloon quad.

Step 5: As the balloon quad is ready put the balloon quad on the balloon column stand as our bottom layer.

Step 6: Continue the process and make layers of balloons with different colors.

Step 7: With around 9 layers your rainbow balloon stand will be ready, make sure you have used all beautiful rainbow color balloon. Make the first and bottom layer with white balloon.

Step 8: As rainbow stand is fully cover with the balloons, now inflate the unicorn shape helium balloon.

Step 9: With the help of helium balloon clip secure the balloon.

Step 10: Fix the unicorn shape helium balloon on the top of the stand with clear tape.

That’s it, your beautiful rainbow unicorn balloon stand is ready. To get the material just checkout the product page.