How to make a Balloon Garland Centerpiece for Halloween Party

Halloween parties are all about zombies, peeled grape eyeballs, fake blood stains on your floor, etc. But Halloween parties are not as simple as they seem. It’s almost August that means Halloween is on the way and you need proper planning so that you can host a stress-free party. Also, you need fantastic decoration ideas. Halloween gives a chance to get some spooky with your family and friends. Most of you may be attending or hosting the Halloween party. Those who are hosting the Halloween party here we are sharing a step-wise guide to make a balloon garland centerpiece. We make sure that this idea will definitely wow your guest. Balloon garland centerpiece not only escalates the theme but also adds a wow factor in the party.

We find balloons as a versatile party decor because it can be used in several ways to enhance the Halloween party decor. For instance, This Halloween, go for a balloon garland using orange, black and green color balloons and use some spiders and spider webs to give a spooky look.

So, let’s just start with the DIY of balloon garland centerpiece.

You need some orange, black and green balloons for the Halloween party. These colors will grab the maximum eyeballs when decorated on your party table. You can also enhance the centerpiece with spiderwebs and spiders. It is not that easy to create this balloon centerpiece. Your guest will surely calculate the hours you have spent on this centerpiece.

Take the balloons and inflate them one by one. After that, you can tie them to a string. To save time, you can create this garland three or four days before the party. It will still look great and fresh.

Now have a look at the materials you need to create the Balloon Garland Centerpiece. Latex balloon (Prefer orange, black, and lime green color balloon) and the balloons must be 9 or 12-inch balloons.

1. A string
2. Some small Plastic Spiders
3. Some faux spiderweb
4. Glue gun

STEP A – First and foremost, inflate the balloon one by one with the air. We will prefer a 9 inches or 12-inch balloon. If you are using 12-inch balloon then inflate them halfway. Usually, we prefer 12-inch balloons as it looks great when running down on a table. But if you want a garland on the food table, we prefer 9-inch-balloon or even smaller ones so that guests can see each other and communicate across the table.

STEP B – You can use a string or twine to make a balloon garland centerpiece. Unfold the string more than the length of the table. After that, tie the balloons one by one. Do not use the same colors. Create the garland by mixing up the different colors of the balloons.

STEP C – Repeat the process until you create a long balloon garland as you need. So, keep inflating the balloons and tie them with the string. Garland will take the perfect shape once you tie numerous balloons onto the string.

STEP D – Now the balloon garland is ready. The next step is to place this garland on the table and decorate them with some small plastic spiders and some faux spider webs. You can use a hot glue gun to stick the spiders and spider webs on the balloon garland. Using a hot glue gun is a safe option, as it won’t pop the balloon.

STEP E – To give a spooky look, you can stretch the faux spider webs across the balloons. For this, just hold in place with hot glue if required. And, you’re done with the balloon garland centerpiece for your Halloween party.

Aren’t this balloon garland centerpiece adorable? Well, follow these simple steps and incorporate the idea in the coming Halloween party and make your guest awestruck with your decoration.