How to make a DIY Spiral Pattern Balloon Column Stand

Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, balloon decoration adds fun to all without being heavy on your pocket. Now there are various ways to use balloons for the decoration like making a fairy arch out it, lettering, festoons or a column stand. Today, we will help you make a Spiral Pattern Balloon Column Standwhich doesn’t really require much skill or time and can do wonders for the decoration you are going for. To make things easier, start by grabbing the following items:

1. A pack of balloons (try to find balloons to matching colors to add a good contrast)

2. A pack of long balloons

3. PVC sticks (which are assembled using the connectors to make the stand)

4. PVC connectors

5. Balloon holding clips

The most time-consuming part of making a DIY spiral pattern balloon column stand is gathering all the materials. It takes only a few minutes to assemble everything up.

1. Start by assembling the PVC sticks to make a stand about 4 feet high, using the PVC connectors.

2. Once to the stand is assembled, connect it to a base so that it stands tall.

3. You may fill water inside the sticks to give more weight to it. This increases its balance.

4. Now, you may decorate the column with whatever patterns come to your mind.

5. One way would be to attach the inflated balloons to the balloon holding clips and putting the clips on the stand. These balloon holding clips can hold up to 11 balloons forming a beautiful flower.

6. In between the various clips attached to the stand, use inflated long balloons to add spiral patterns to the column. This adds variety to your decoration.

7.Or you may also use balloons of different sizes and colors, creating various other patterns of your liking.

8.And to add that cherry on the top, try using a lettered balloon or a specially shaped balloon on the top of the stand.

If you have got some vacant space in your party venue, adding such Balloon Column Stands, fills up space without taking much of your time and money, and will be a show stopper for your party. This is something which you can use again and again year after year.