How to Make a Festive Fall Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are incredible for festivals. They are so popular and makes the party look spectacular. Creating a balloon arch can add “Wow factor” to your party. You can use it on party entrance back sage even on any empty wall to make it interesting. Moreover there are some very easy DIY steps to do it.

Collect the following material:

• A variety of small and large balloons.
• DIY Balloon Arch
• Balloon Air Pump
• Balloons Rings
• Scissors

How to create Balloon Arch:

Step 1: Start inflating balloon of small size in various colors and tie knot in the end of each balloon.


Step 2: Tie the end of two inflated balloon together and set aside.


Step 3: Repeat step 2. Then combine the two inflated pairs by twisting their ends together. It will bond together in a cluster of four.

Step 4: After having a cluster of four balloons, add another pair of balloons to it. Do it until you have a cluster of eight balloons.


Step 5: Now we make a cluster using a pair of small balloons and large balloons, By totaling six balloons.

Step 6: To make an arch perfect place the balloon cluster as close as possible with no gap.


Step 7: Now take the fishing line and wind around in a different direction until it is secure.

Step 8: Repeat step 5 and 6 and add a cluster to your arch until you reached your desired length.


If you want to add more volume to your arch you can add more balloons to it. Moreover, to give extra effects you can add flowers to it.

For flower garland please be careful with the sharp edges. With the help of hooks stick it on the desired place.

And finally! You will get it the way you want. We are extremely happy with this balloon arch.

Cheers to this DIY project and make the party awesome.

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