How to make DIY Flower Balloons

This DIY flower balloon is for all those who like it sweet! Today, we’re going to make the DIY Flower balloons. And as we love flowers so much, today we’re going to use flowers to make a flower balloon decoration. Trust us, the flowers look real when they are on the balloons like this.

What you’ll need:

  • x11″ light pink helium grade balloons
  • Artificial flowers (I used $1 bunches from Dollar Tree)
  • Baker’s twine or curling ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters

Let’s get started:

1. Inflate the balloons and tie them with curling ribbon. You can use a personal helium tank to inflate the balloons. These balloons will stay afloat for about 6 hours but If you want them to last longer, make sure to add Hi-Float to the balloons.

2. Pin your flowers off the stem. Pin as much of the stem off. This will help the flower to lay flat on the balloon.

3. Grab a hot glue and add a drop of glue to the underside the flower. Stick it to the base of the balloon.

We have added about 3 flowers per balloon. You can use a glue on a small flower here and there so that no gaps will show. Do not add too many flowers. It can sink the balloon.