Mickey Mouse Balloon Columns Decoration For Party

Balloon decoration gives us major party goals. When we think of a party, we think of lots of balloons, food, cakes, and unlimited fun. And what’s a better party than a mickey mouse party. Every kid loves mickey mouse. Mickey mouse has occupied a special place in our hearts. Balloons are such a unique way to decorate your party. Be it a wedding, a baby shower or birthday party. Balloons are number one in the list.

Nowadays, people love to host theme parties. And balloons play a major role in the theme parties. Balloon columns for a mickey mouse party is an amazing decoration idea for your kid. Balloons never go out of fashion. They are an evergreen thing at a party. Every kid loves a balloon. And the bursting of the balloon is their favorite thing. Balloon decoration brightens up the party and brought fun to the occasion.

There is no fun without Balloons at a party. They didn’t cost you much. They are inexpensive and it is quite fun to install them at the party. Due to helium pumps, it is quite easy to blow the balloons. Now you don’t have to spend much energy in filling up the balloons. Helium pumps have made the work easier. Helium-filled balloons are a creative choice to make a balloon column for a mickey mouse party. This idea is quite easy to use in the mickey mouse party.

Let’s start the DIY session of creating a balloon column for a mickey mouse party:

For this, you must have the following things in your hand:-
20″ Red color Latex Balloons
20″ Black color Latex Balloons
20″ White color Latex Balloons
20″ Polka dot Latex Balloons

You can also include a trash box. Well, this is optional. This will help you to blow each balloon of the same size.

First and foremost, to make a balloon column, you need a tier of balloons. Every tier of balloons contains four or five balloons. This is optional. You can increase the tier of the balloon. The column will look great if each of the balloons blows up with the same size. Make sure each balloon of every group has the same size. Otherwise, it will not look good. For this, you can use trash. This will help you to blow up the balloons in the same sizes.

The next step is to tie two balloons together. Now, take two sets of double balloons and twist them together and make a quad balloon group. Now create three more sets of quad balloon groups. Take these four groups of quad balloons and tie them vertically.

The third step is, twist the two sets of double balloons into a quad balloon grouping. The quad groupings are attached to something vertical. In this post, we have a canopy. You can use plumber’s conduit to stick them into the ground. Attach or fix the quad group of balloons vertically and huddle them jointly. Just rotate the sequential group so that they can fit nicely.

You can see the image of the post for the reference. Do not move the balloons too much. They can burst due to the friction. It will take so much time to blow up the balloons. If you are using helium pumps then the balloons will not last more than one day. On the other hand, if you will blow up the balloon through the air, it lasts two-three days.

You can create the balloon columns for a mickey mouse party in just three steps. If you want to incorporate balloon columns for a mickey mouse party. Contact us!

There are so many ideas to decorate the party with balloons. You just have to be creative with the party themes. Party zealot share so many balloon decoration ideas. You can choose one and contact us to install the idea at your party. Check out other ideas and tell us your favorite one. We’d love to hear from you.